La Decepción

The Deception

They don’t talk nor look,
At each other
Indifferent, whatever they do


No words
No mistery
With the shout comes the fear


No will to feel…
And can’t forget…


The deception
(Without questions there is no lie)


The memory
And the vices
Are the only way to see them


And unable to forget the sadness
And no will to lose its flavor


The désillusionnement…
(What they built is their own prison)


No news


The memory
And the vices


Without questions
There is no lie


No importance
For everyday life
If the party lasts from friday till sunday


Words : Vicente Negre

Music : Vicente Negre/Benoît Guivarch/Antoine Kerninon


V. Negre : Voices, Synth & Programming
A. Kerninon : Synth & Programming
B. Guivarch : Synth & Programming


Recorded @ Pyrénées Street, BAAB’s Home Studio (Paris)
Produced & Arranged by EEqualsEnd & BAAB
Mixed by Benoît Guivarch 4 BAAB